Essentials to remember

Many French educational institutions are known for their setups and systems to ensure the smooth adjustment of international students. Services offered by each educational institution or university range from housing support to guidance, tuition and training in the French language.

Key Points For International Students in France
  • Campus France provides important information about international student support services at its website. You can also navigate this website for information about courses and degree programs at French educational institutions.

  • Once you arrive in France, you must register at the new university or institution which has accepted you. Students at public universities have to undergo administrative as well as academic registration.

  • Other higher educational institutions such as grandes ecoles have their own procedures for registration. These are communicated to the students prior to the commencement of the academic year. You should ensure that you have all the required documents. Make sure you carry originals as well as photocopies.

  • For those students who reside in France for more than 6 months, the extended stay visa with residency permit or VLS-TS (Visa Long Sejour Valant Titre de Sejour)must be validated once the student arrives in the country.

  • The French office of immigration and integration or OFII validates the visa. Students must have the form requesting the OFII certification as well as copies of the passport verifying date of entry to France.

  • There are many choices for student housing in France from private buildings to university dormitories.

  • You can also make housing arrangements before arriving in the university city. But for this, you need to have friends and contacts which can help you to reserve the right type of accommodation for your stay here.

  • France has a healthcare system which is one of the best across the globe. Considerable insurance cover is provided for health to international students who visit France for studies.

  • France has a national health plan where subsidsed insurance is provided by the French government if you pay a premium.

  • International students can open a non-resident bank account in euros or another currency and if they stay long enough, they can even open a resident account. 
  • France along with other nations of the EU use the EURO as their currency.
  • International students are asked to provide RIB (Releve d’Identite Bancaire) or a bank identity statement. Major bank cards in France which are accepted for business or payment transactions are VISA and Mastercard.

  • Average monthly budget is around 1000 Euros in Paris and 800 Euros elsewhere in France.
International students in France can opt for a wide number of choices when it comes to food and transport. Adequate health coverage is provided to students under the national health insurance plan. Students can opt for other insurance options depending upon their age and the duration of the program as well as the nature of the institution they are enrolled in.
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