Social Life and Accommodation for International Students in France

International students who are studying in France have the opportunity to take part in a host of cultural activities and have an active social life. Accommodation is also readily available for students in France.

Social Life of International Students in France

France’s cultural sites and monuments are the perfect for students who have an interest in the rich historical heritage of this nation.
  •  France has over 5,000 movie theatres and 33,000 stage performers.
  •  It also has many museums and cultural concerts. International students are offered discounts and nominal subscription rates for access to cultural sites. 
  • There are numerous cafes and restaurants. According to Campus France, there are more than 450 university restaurants in this nation.  You can get a complete meal at these restaurants for €3,05. Numerous eateries in France run by world famous chefs cater to your tastes if you fancy gourmet food.
  • There are clubs for athletes in nearly all French universities. Having a student ID card ensures that you can also access athletic facilities.  France’s higher educational institutions are located in university cities near cultural and social interactions.


There are many opportunities for housing and accommodation for international students. You can reserve a room in a dormitory managed by the university of opt for private rentals.

It is very difficult to make arrangements from outside France, so it may be advisable to seek short-term housing till you are able to find permanent accommodation. Slots in public dormitories are hard to get.

University Dormitories

University dormitories in France are run by the CNOUS (Centre National des oeuvres universitaires et scolaires). This agency is also responsible for manning the CROUS (Centre regional des œuvres universitaires et scolaires). These dormitories are very affordable. Some universities even have agreements with CROUS to provide rooms for international students at these dormitories. International students belonging to the second year of a master’s course or a doctoral program are also provided with accommodation at these dormitories.

Grandes ecoles and private institutions

There are on-campus dormitories available at grandes ecoles and certain private institutions. These institutions often provide reserved housing for international students. Private student dormitories are found in most university cities as well. They are located near campuses. A security deposit of one month’s rent is required for rentals in private institutions. Students must have a co-signer who stays in France. You have to pay a year’s rent in advance in case you do not have a guarantor.  Short-term housing is also available, though more so in months which are from April to August. For those who want to make arrangements for rent before they reach France, a security deposit of nearly 2 months has to be provided. International students can also apply for housing assistance.

Securing Housing before Arrival

It is also important to secure housing before you arrive. But this can be difficult in case you do not have friends or contacts staying in France. It is difficult to get a rental contract or a guarantor if you do not know anyone living in France. Once you reach France, the housing office at the international student agencies or your host institution can help you to find suitable accommodation. You can also rent empty or furnished apartments.  Property owners also post notices in offices of universities and educational institutions. You can also check with the non-profit organsation called Centre d’Information et de Documentation Jeunesse. Specialised agencies such as Sejour France Famill can also help you to find host families to stay with. These are listed on the housing resource of Campus France. Staying with a host family can cost anywhere from €200 to €300. 

Prices given here are indicative in nature. Housing accommodation is available for international students depending upon their preferences and budget. There are many options for global students to enjoy the rich cultural heritage of France. There are many recreational centres and world class restaurants in France.
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