Work While You Study In France

You can work part-time while you are enrolled in an educational institution in France. The conditions under which internationals students can work in France is stipulated by law. There are many advantages of working while you study in France.

Right To Work For International Students In France

Internationals students can work while studying only if they are enrolled in educational institutions that are part of the national student healthcare plan. International students who are not nationals of EU nations must also hold valid residency permits. The right to work is given to all international students including those who are enrolled for studies for the first time in France. Apart from this, those who are enrolled in a university program in the first year as well as full-time in a language school can work while they study. The law gives students the right to work for 964 hours in a year. This means students can have 60% full-time employment for a given year. Those who need additional income to survive should work part-time.

The minimum interprofessional growth wage ( SMIC ) is the minimum legal remuneration that must be paid to all workers over the age of 18, it varies according to the cost of living and the increase in wages. It is set each year by decree. The gross annual minimum wage is € 18,655 in 2021.

International students are not required to obtain temporary employment authorization or Autorisation Provisoire de Travail. The only exception is the Algerian students who are covered by the Franco-Algerian agreement dated December 27, 1968.

Student Jobs At Universities In France

International students are eligible for jobs at universities and other public higher educational institutions. Students provide services such as assisting incoming and disabled students as well as providing tuitions and IT support. You can also do jobs that involve staffing cultural, social and athletic events and work at a career centre. Student employment contracts must not exceed 12 months. Students can work up to 670 hours from September 1 to June 30. They can work for up to 300 hours from July 1 to August 31. International students who are working as employees must ensure that they follow a work schedule that does not interfere with their studies. The terms and conditions of employment should be adapted to suit the requirements of the program in which the international student is enrolled.  International students who belong to EU member nations may work in France even after they graduate.

Options For International Students That Are Not From EU Nations

Those Holding A Master’s Degree Or Equivalent

International students who have obtained a master’s degree or equivalent may apply for one-time temporary resident authorization valid for a period of 12 months beyond the date on which the student’s residency permit expires. Students can work for duration of 60% of the work week. International students who have a job relevant to their academic program  at a rate of compensation equalling 1.5 times the amount of the national minimum wage may opt for full-time employment by applying for employee status at their prefecture.

Students With Other Degrees

Other students can accept employment only when certain conditions are met. They must seek a change in status from a student to an employee.

They can only opt for one of 14 occupations:

 Audit and financial control managerFurniture and wood products manufacturing equipment operator
 Mechanical product planner / designer Quality conformity inspector
 Building and public works draftsman Merchandiser
 Information systems production and operation engineer Glass manufacturing equipment operator
 Remote service and sales agent Operator of basic mechanical production unit
 Electrical and electronic products designer Manufacturing processes intervention technician
 Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment operator Furniture and wood product processes intervention technician

Applications for employment authorization must include an employment contract as well. Authorities consider all aspects of the case before making a decision.

"Competence et talent" permit

This can be translated as the skills and talents permit. This is a renewable employment permit which can be of up to 3 years. International students who want to contribute in a sustained manner to the development of France or their country of origin can opt for this permit.

International students can opt for different types of employment depending upon the kind of degree they hold. There are also special permits international students can apply for, if they want to pursue further employment in France. For latest updates contact your university at the time of application.
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