Traavel and Visa- Health Insurance for International Students in France

France has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. International students have access to a range of medical and health services. Students can obtain a wide range of preventative and wellness services.

Health Insurance System for International Students

The National Student Health-Care Plan ("Securite sociale")

French health-care coverage is given under the social security system or the securite sociale. Students under the national student healthcare plan are reimbursed for a percentage of their medical expenses for a low payment on a regular basis. The amount to be paid by students was €211 in 2013/2014.  The plan can be joined at the higher educational institution when students register for their classes. International non-European students must participate in this plan, according to regulations.

Students from countries belonging to the European Economic Space are given exemption from participating so long as they possess a European health insurance card/ temporary certificate valid for 1 year or a certificate of private insurance giving full coverage for medical risks. The social security system provides reimbursement for 60% of the costs pertaining to illness on an average.

Supplemental group plans for international students ("Mutuelle")

Along with the mandatory national system, students can also opt for supplemental group health plans or "Mutuelle." The annual premium begins at 110 Euros. It enables students to get coverage for all or certain portions of the expenses which are not under the basic national plan.

Campus France states that there are two main student group health plans:
  • LMDE/La Mutuelle des Etudiants
  • emVia that comprises 11 regional student mutuelles

Rules Regarding Health Insurance

To benefit from the national student healthcare plans, students must be younger than 28 and registered in a program for a minimum of 4 months at any approved higher educational institution. From the date on which these conditions cannot be met, students can get an extension of health care and pregnancy cover for a maximum period of 4 years. The request for extension must be submitted to the CPAM (Caisse primaire d'assurance maladie)office which is responsible for the health insurance  and has jurisdiction over the place of resident of the applicant.

Those students who are enrolled in programs for periods less than 4 months must opt for private insurance. Students enrolled in non-participating higher educational institutions must also seek medical insurance from private companies. Annual premiums for coverage range between €150 and €550.

Students above the age of 28 can apply for coverage under the university medical system called CMU or Couverture Medicale Universelle provided certain conditions are met. They must pay a special premium on an annual basis for this. Students who have received a scholarship from the French government are exempted from paying for health care coverage, with the exception of students who benefit from a scholarship managed by Campus France. In such cases, the coverage is paid by Campus France.


International students can opt for health coverage depending upon the institution they have applied to and the duration of their program. There are also numerous options for students in the field of private health insurance.
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