Accreditation Agencies For Higher Education in France

Accreditation for all higher educational institutions in France is controlled by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and (Sports (Ministere de l'Education nationale, de la Jeunesse et de la Vie associative). The French government monitors and regulates the quality of education in France with great care. There are various bodies under the Ministry which play a key role in the accreditation process.

Accreditation Agencies In France

Role of The Ministry

The Ministry confers accreditation on public as well as private universities. It has 3 modes through which it provides accreditation to universities. The Ministry provides accreditation through degrees. Public higher educational institutions in France can only confer a national diploma to the students. It is the sole authority of the Ministry to confer the degrees. The Ministry also provides second tier or indirect accreditation to private institutes through visa. It also accredits private institutes through recognition. This is a third-tier accreditation accorded by the Ministry.

Commission d'evaluation des formations et diplomes de gestion

This is also known as the National Commission for the Evaluation of Training and Qualifications in Management. This commission provides important consultation services to the Ministry. It also provides accreditation for schools of business management in France. It provides accreditation through visa or collation of the Master’s degree.

Commission des Titres d'Ingenieur

This agency   is vital for the accreditation of private engineering institutes in France. This agency also assists the government in the accreditation of public engineering schools as a key consulter. Grandes ecoles which confer the Diplome d'Ingenieur also gain accreditation from this agency. This is an independent body which was established in 1934. It also provides accreditation to higher educational institutions that teach computer science, applied mathematics, project management and other such subjects.

Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle

This agency is also known as the National Commission for Vocational Certification. This is an accrediting body for vocational education in France. This committee was established under the social modernization law 2002-73 passed on 17 January 2002. It provides accreditation by inscription on the RNCP (Repertoire national des certifications professionnelles). This commission also maintains the national register of professional education or the RNCP. This committee comprises 43 members.

These include the following:
  • Ministerial representatives
  • Regional representatives
  • Social partners,
  • Representatives of the consular chambers
  • Qualified individuals

Conference des Grandes Ecoles/CGE

CGE was established in 1973 and it provides the accreditation for grandes ecoles which offer the following degree programs:
  • Mastere Specialise or Advanced Master’s degree
  • Mastere en sciences or MSc
This organization also provides accreditation for the assessment of competency provided by the grandes ecoles or the bilan d'aptitude delivre par les grandes ecoles.CGE aims at creating the right atmosphere for cutting edge research in the field of education, science and learning. This agency has links with national as well as international bodies.

Accreditation of Different Higher Educational Institutions

The national diplomas given by France's public educational institutions (such as universities and national schools of art/architecture) must meet national standards of quality. National diplomas are accorded based on the regulations of the government. For instance, the diplome d’ingenieur which is a national diploma is awarded by schools that are accredited by the CTI, the National Commission on Engineering Degrees.

An analogous procedure of accreditation is followed for government-recognized schools of business and management. The degrees awarded by such schools are accorded recognition by the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports. Some schools of management have attained international recognition from organizations such as Equis, AACSB and AMBA, according to Campus France. Schools of applied art, fine arts as well as arts and specialized schools are also subject to national certification processes.  Doctoral departments are accredited by France’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research after an assessment by the national agency for the evaluation of research and higher education or AERE.


There are accreditation agencies for vocational, technical and professional education in France. Ultimately, the government plays a key role in the accreditation process. All organizations involved in accreditation are involved with the government in a direct or indirect manner.  The French system of accreditation has been established to ensure that all higher educational institutions in France meet the highest standards of educational excellence.
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